The day is almost upon us

It looks like we will be blessed with below normal temperatures this weekend. They are predicting low 90’s for Saturday, which makes for some cool riding weather up in the mountains. Even though the weather will be cooler this year, please make sure to bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated. We will be stopping at a few shops along the way, so if you can’t carry water with you, you’ll be able to purchase what you need when we stop.

Again, if you plan on making the event, please take a moment and shoot me an email to let me know how many will be in your party.

Due to road construction on Road 200, I had to adjust the route this year. I’ve updated The Ride page with this years Itinerary, so please make sure you familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time.

Special thanks to Motohead Racing for hosting the after ride BBQ. This year will be bigger and better than ever and I look forward to riding with you all on Saturday.

Plans for Friendship Ride 2008

I’m still finalizing the plans for this year’s ride, so check back soon for a complete itinerary of the day’s events.

Ride shirts are now available via pre-order only. If you would like to have a shirt for the event, please place your order before July 15th.

If you plan on making the event, please take a moment and shoot me an email to let me know how many will be in your party.

This year will be bigger than ever and I look forward to seeing a bunch of new faces this year as well as all the familiar faces I’ve ridden with in the past.

Friendship Ride 2007

2007 was a bit small, mostly because I didn’t get the word out early enough and a lot of riders had already made other plans. The smaller group didn’t make for any less fun and it was good to ride with some new faces as well as those that I’ve ridden with many times before.

As usual, the place to meet was at Starbucks for a nice warm cup before the ride. This year I rode the new bike and was eager to get out and enjoy the route on the new steed. Our youngest rider John unfortunately had his wisdom teeth pulled the day before, but was still ready for the days ride.

The ride went smoothly on down to the lower foothills, with a few weekend travelers breaking our pace. We had hit our first rest spot and time to fill our tanks and stretch our legs. Jodi found out quickly not to socialize while filling her tank. Sometimes the pump still lets out a bit even after releasing the lever. Of course, we all had a few laughs at her expense, but it was all in good fun.

Both Bryan and Jim rode ahead in an attempt to catch the rest of the group in action.

Thanks to all the riders who keep coming back year after year. Thanks to my wife Michele for hosting another great meal at the end of a great ride.

Next year should be bigger and better and hopefully I’ll see you all there!

>> Friendship Ride 2007 Gallery

Friendship Ride Loop is official

My intent for the Friendship Ride was to have a different route for each year but unfortunately I quickly realize while out scouting new roads that not all the roads I like to ride are suitable for riders that are not used to the area. It’s hard to find those perfect roads that will be great for every rider and not just for those who know the roads. It’s also difficult to find a route that doesn’t take all day, as a lot of people don’t usually put in the miles that I’m used to. 🙂

I decided this year that the Friendship Ride would have a set route. Last year’s trip seemed very pleasing to everyone so I think it would be quite fitting to make it the official route. Check out The Ride page for more information on the trip.

Ride T-Shirts

Time is running and you need to order your shirts this week if you would like them for the ride. CafePress is currently having a buy 3 get one free sale. Now would be a great time to fill up the closet (like I did!) with a ride shirt and maybe even something from the Biker Friendly shop. 🙂

Again, we receive no money from the sale of our ride shirts as they are offered at the minimum price CafePress has to offer.

Ride shirts are now available

Shirts are now available through CafePress for the August 4, 2007 ride. We receive no money from the sale of these shirts as they are offered at the minimum price CafePress has to offer.

I have this year’s route all planned out. I’ll hopefully be able to ride the new route this weekend so please check back next week and I should have the final itinerary posted on the site.

Gallery Update

I finally updated the gallery with pictures from last year’s ride. I hope you find the images as enjoyable as I have, revisiting the day we all shared.

>> Ride Gallery

Make sure you tell your friends so next year’s ride will be bigger and better than ever.

Time flies….

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t updated the site since before the last Friendship Ride. I’ve just gone through all the pictures from our second annual ride and I will get them on the site in the next few days.

Last year’s ride was the best yet as over 20 bikes paraded “briskly” through our incredible mountain twisties. I’m sure next year will be even better and I’m already working out a new route for this year’s ride.

Friendship Ride 2006

In 2006 we opened up the ride to everyone and the response was tremendous. Riders came from all over California and Shannon was even able to fly out from Alabama to spend the day with us.

Opening up the ride this year brought with it many new riders and bikes. We all met up again this year at the local Starbucks where we did our best to fill up the parking lot with many brightly colored machines. We were lucky this year as the weather was not as warm as it was last year and everyone seemed eager to get on our way after a few sips of some morning Java.

Well, as I found out quickly, with a group of this size there needs to be a little more organization so everyone knows where they should be going. On our way to our first waypoint, soon realized that a fellow rider was missing and must have made a wrong turn. I sent the group ahead as Rob and I set out in search of our allusive rider.

The rest of the group ventured down Road 200 to the regular scheduled meeting spot. Tings were going great until they met one of the area’s drivers who didn’t feel comfortable driving his strange beast at a normal speed. Thanks to the efforts of one rider (who shall remain nameless) the group made it past safely and on to their scheduled destination.

The next stop was meant to be just a re-grouping stop so we could gather up all the riders. Since we lost one, the group waiting for a bit until we arrived a few minutes later with stray rider in tow. Well, as we all know, once we get those helmets and gloves off, it can be some time before everyone switches back to riding mode after all the conversations start getting interesting.

Just another re-grouping stop after hitting some pretty bumpy and twisty roads on our way across the foothills. Most riders took the opportunity to jump off the bike for a quick snack and cool beverage. Then we all got ready for are ride up the mountain.

Yes, another break after enjoying some of the more interested roads out of Friant. The group enjoyed the time spent while chatting about the ride and talking to the locals how were out on their own day’s adventures. By now, tummies were grumbling so it was off to climb up to tollhouse and the most scenic part of the ride.

Bryan went ahead so he could take some action shots of the group as we were heading back down the mountain. It’s pretty cool to see yourself riding by as it’s not something you see very often.

Our last stop before our final destination at the bottom of the hill in Auberry. We had just traverse one of my favorite roads and it was fun listening to those who have never been on the road, talk about how much fun it was. By now, we were all ready to eat so we road off in search of the bounty that would fill out bellies.

Finally we reach our destination. Michele and the gals had everything ready to go and prepared a great spread for the hungry riders. I finished up the ribs on the BBQ while everyone found their we deserved feast and shared stories from the day. The cool breeze from the lake felt good after the long hot ride. It was a nice way to end the trip and we eventually all said our goodbyes and headed home.

I was followed home by a few friends and family where we rested up and enjoyed the end of the day. I presented Shannon with a replica stone of the one that was place at Laguna Seca this year. Another year and another day with some old friends, and some that I met for the very first time. I couldn’t have asked for better group to ride with this day and I look forward to what the next ride has to offer.

I would like to thank Jodi Bearden for providing the design for this year’s shirt and for putting up with all my indecision during the process. Jodi, you are one of the most giving and thoughtful people I know and I’m so thankful that we are friends.

To Michele, Elaine, Heather and Shannon, thank you so much for all your support and getting to the lake early to setup for our BBQ. You all did such a great job and it was a welcome site to see at the end of our ride. You really put a great end to a great day and I can’t thank you all enough.

>> Friendship Ride 2006 Gallery

It’s hot, hot, HOT!

It looks like after the past few weeks of grueling above normal temperatures, cool weather is in store for this weekend’s ride. The stage is set for a wonderful day as we complete the last of our preparations. If you plan on making the ride or just meeting us for the BBQ, please take a moment to send me a quick message so we make sure we have enough food for everyone.

I’ve also been asked many times about donations for the ride. I will have a donation jar available at the BBQ for those who wish to donate. Please note that donations are NOT required and all donates will go towards the purchase of the food and any thing left over will be used for next year’s ride. Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in helping out. 🙂

Special thanks again goes to Jodi Bearden for creating this awesome flier for this year’s ride.

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